The Chunks x HEMLEVA Collaboration

The Chunks x HEMLEVA Collaboration

The Chunks x HEMLEVA Collaboration

Samantha of HEMLEVA is a rare bird. She’s both intense and soft. She’s both an artist and a fiery law major. I often seek out her advice or just message her when I have something I need to vent about. We couldn’t be more different as people, have very different interests and aesthetics, too, but I think that’s of huge value in our friendship.

I was actually a bit surprised when she hit me up about this collab! We had only met maybe once or twice briefly at a craft show. And I honestly wasn’t sure our aesthetics lined up well enough but we had coffee and clicked, which is often enough for me :)

We started talking about the collab in early March 2020. With all the insanity of this year, we didn’t really get down to it until late spring/early summer. Once we finally got down to it, we had both marinated on it for so long that we knew exactly what to do so the actual designing of the pieces was satisfyingly quick.

This Chunks x HEMLEVA collab dropped on September 26th. It sold out so quickly that we decided to do one last holiday restock! Drop date is TBD.

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