Midi Claw in Marble
Midi Claw in Key Lime

Midi Claw in Jelly

If you've been eyeing the Jelly Nimbus Claw but need something on the smaller side, the Jelly Midi is your girl :) The Jelly colorway serves up all the ~honeydew slushie with coconut jelly and aloe~ vibes!

The new Midi Claw is an updated version of our archived Marble Claw: based on the shape of the original, the teeth on the Midi extend the full length of the body. This claw works for all hair types and is ideal for half-up half-down looks.

We're still perfecting this shape, which is why all Midi Claws are at a special price-- there is a little resistance on the current hinge, and opening this claw may require a little more oomph. All Midi Claws are fully functional, but we wanted to give you a heads up if accessibility is a consideration!

  • Ideal for: Thin-medium hair

  • Dimensions: ~ 3" long (same size as our Cupid Claw!)

  • Cellulose acetate body. Nickel-free and tested hardware.

  • See a demo of all styles on IGTV!

  • Designed by Tiffany Ju. Proudly made in China.
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