Wavy Headband in Blueberry
Curve Clip in Gingham

Wavy Headband in Redwood

Previously only available in solids (Neon Yellow and Baby Blue), this season we're playing with patterns, offering our Wavy Headbands in a juicy Blueberry colorway, as well as Redwood. These wavy babies are easy to wear, super comfy, and have a high-gloss finish for visual impact. The visually-textured Redwood colorway is also offered as a Curve ClipJumbo Claw, and Nimbus Claw.

DISCLAIMER! The headbands may feel a bit tight at first! After a couple wears, the headband will loosen up a 

  • Ideal for: All hair types

  • Made of cellulose acetate and metal hardware

  • Measures 15" end to end, 1/2" wide. 

  • Cellulose acetate body. Nickel-free and tested hardware.

  • See a demo of all styles on IGTV!

  • Designed by Tiffany Ju. Proudly made in China.
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