Allie Clip Pack in Lilac Punch
Allie Clip Singles
$5.00 x Chunks Headband

We dropped our collab in August to close out the summer and you all loved it! We're bringing a ray of sunshine to these rainy Seattle days by re-releasing our collab headband for a limited time. This headband is serving up Alice in Wonderland in 2021. A gingham-inspired mini blue checker pattern with sweet, pearl-topped flowers. We hope these babies can brighten up your winter!

DISCLAIMER! The headbands may feel a bit tight at first! After a couple wears, the headband will loosen up a bit and you probably won't feel that pressure behind your ears as much. However, if you're sensitive to headbands or prone to migraines/headaches, you may wanna skip this one!

  • Ideal for: All hair types

  • Made of cellulose acetate and metal hardware

  • Measures 15" end to end, 1/2" wide. 

  • Cellulose acetate body. Nickel-free and tested hardware.

  • See a demo of all styles on IGTV!

  • Designed by Tiffany Ju. Proudly made in China.
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