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Meet the Team!

Meet the Team!

Meet the Team!

To introduce our Collaboration with, we thought we'd introduce you to the faces behind! 

bando summer 2021 

Can you introduce us to the team a little bit?'s comprised of a dedicated core team of 14 people alongside a network of creative contributors and merchant partners. When working with Chunks, the team members that collaborated on this collection were Alyssa Blackman (senior brand development manager), Daniela Jordan-Villaveces (creative director), and Sidney Howard (senior product designer). 

bando alyssa

Alyssa's an LA native who loves to cook or be out in nature surrounded by friends and dogs. You'll for sure notice her whenever she walks into a room, not just because she's so tall but also because she has an infectious personality that brings a smile to anyone's face. Her favorite color is lime green and she always wears gold jewelry.  


bando daniela

Daniela is from Bogotá, Colombia, and has been living in North America for over 17 years now. She's obsessed with all things colorful and patterned. If you happen to sit next to her at a dinner party, you're in for some good conversation and a lot of funny remarks. Daniela and her husband have 2 cats and a dog and she wishes they could have more pets surrounding them. 
bando sidney
Sidney was born and raised in Florida and after college, she lived in Brooklyn, NY working as a designer and illustrator. She loves living in sunny LA where you can find her roller skating in Venice or sketching with her Posca markers. She's the kind of person you want to be around because her personality is so chill and she irradiates positivity.

What inspired you to want to collab with Chunks? 

We've always been huge fans of Chunks and dreamt about combining our worlds! There are so many products we make but having the ability to join forces with Chunks meant we could work on something truly unique with a brand whose point of view we admire. 

Which piece from the collab is your fave and why? 


bando hair clip
bando cherry flower

bando cherry checker

What was your favorite part of the design process and why? 

Getting to truly collaborate with Tiffany because most of the time we design on our own and then share the end results with everyone after but this was a fun back and forth of ideas and concepts.


How has the team been doing over the past few years? Its obviously been rough for us all but I mean like, if was a person and we went to dinner, like how have you BEEN, girl….!? 

We're getting there! There's been lots of ups and downs but we've learned a lot in the past year and have started having a little more fun in the past months :)


What is the aesthetic?

Minimalism? Never heard of her!


What does care about? 

We exist to help you be your best and we encourage fun. We've made a commitment to betterment and we believe in the powers of positivity and inclusivity. 

What is all your favorite ice cream flavors?

Alyssa: Rocky Road or Jeni's Brown Butter Almond Brittle

Daniela: Any kind of ice cream makes me very happy!

Sidney: Peanut Butter Chocolate