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Nimbus Claw in Blueberry

$ 282.00 Regular price $ 353.00

Color: Blueberry

We brought Blueberry back, just 4 U. This has been a customer favorite colorway that can range from blue-ish purple to purple-ish blue (the color can vary… some have more purple, some have more blue.) Our iconic Nimbus claw fits most hair types and lengths.
Sustainably Made

* Made from cellulose acetate and nickel-free + tested hardware.

* Proudly and responsibly made in Jinhua, China.

* Slight variations in color or pattern may occur due to the nature of the handmade acetate production.


Wonder Wall

  • tamburrito

    Thinking about the time I lost my chunks claw in the mosh pit and found it perfect on the ground 15 minutes later, not a scratch
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  • seattlesims

    My chunk’s claw is the only claw I have from 4 years ago that’s last. All my others from that time are broke/missing teeth.
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  • _thejbrown

    I have three of them and they've been holding on for at least two years now. Worth the money! 100%
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Chunks are made for u :)))))))

Chunks is WOC owned, female operated, consciously designed, and responsibly made. Based in Seattle, WA.