Color Therapy Sunnies, Sharp Heart

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Which color?

Emerald (green) - the most basic color of all in healing. Harmonizes the flow of prana or universal life force, throughout the psychic centres.

Cerulean (blue) - the color of communication, blue is connected to our throat chakra and promotes the spirit of truth and the ability to communicate your needs and requirements.

Amythyst (purple) - to create greater insights and renewal. Use this color to strengthen and correct energy imbalances and clear the mind.

Neon Rose (magenta) - Magenta's properties are associated with energy and activity focused on achieving power and self-realization.

Scarlet (red) - healing, heat, stimulation, circulation and revitalization of the mind and body.

Carnation (pink) - purifying, uplifting and awakening. Seeing pink may help in times of grief and sadness, when you feel a need for an extra sense of grace.

Amber (orange) -  stimulate creative thinking, mental energy and enthusiasm.

Graphite (grey) - mental, emotional and physical releasing and clearing. Ease irritations or hyperactivity. 

Check out this blog post to learn more about color therapy or chromotherapy! 


  • Made from naturally UV protected polycarbonate. (UVA/UVB 400)

  • These tend to fit just slightly on the wide side and look great on faces with higher nose bridges.

  • See a demo of all styles on IGTV!

  • Designed by Tiffany Ju. Proudly made in China.


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