Rocket Ring

Blueberry is back again! A fan fav, this textured blue and purple colorway sold out of most products at the end of 2021 (except Wavy Headbands!). We're so happy to bring it back in ring form. The combination of the blue tones and the neon green gem is reminiscent of… Little Green Men? You know, the aliens from Toy Story? While visually iconic, we had to Google their name, and tbh LGM just isn't our vibe. Rocket is much more appropriate. Maybe this ring will give you a boost of luck with ~the claw~ game!

We're excited to expand beyond offering hair accessories and add rings to our collection this year. Our January release is our first run of this new product. We appreciate any feedback you have about these babes so we can improve future editions!

  • Ring size 6 (can be adjusted to ~7.5)
  • Ring size 9 (can be adjusted to ~10.5)
  • Cellulose acetate body
  • See a demo on how to resize your acetate ring on IGTV!
  • Designed by Tiffany Ju in Seattle
  • Proudly made in China!
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