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Impact & Sustainability

While joy and expression may be our raison d'etre, we're also deeply committed to doing things better.

Proudly &
Responsibly Made in

A Chunks manufacturing partner in the process of making a Chunks product with machinery

Proudly & Responsibly Made in China

We love our manufacturing partners! We vet our manufacturers carefully, ensuring that they have industry specific certifications for material quality and workplace ethics ( EU/CA RoHS, CP 65, FSC, ISO 9001, BSCI and SMETA social audits, SEDEX membership). Along with verifiable certifications, we value and nurture our relationships with our manufacturers because we understand that mutual trust and respect are keys to healthy growth.


Overcoming Sterotypes

We are committed to changing the story about what overseas manufacturing looks like. Ethical and unethical production happen everywhere and it is far too easy to assume and blame when it comes to topics as complex as global manufacturing. We aim to destigmatize stereotypes about what it means to be "Made in China" through conversation and transparency. Check out our "Made in China" content through our podcast, Chunks Chats, Instagram, and Tiktok.

Better Materials

Better Materials

Our clips and claws are primarily made from FSC-certified acetate, a plant-based bio-plastic that is more durable than conventional petroleum-based plastic. Better durability leads to longer lasting products which ultimately leads to a longer life cycle and less waste.

Accountability &

1% For the Planet member badge
1% For the Planet member badge

Accountability & Transparency

We are proud members of 1% FTP because we believe in supporting trusted organizations that have sustainability as their number one priority. As a business that uses the Earth's resources to operate, it is our duty to give back financial resources to ensure that our Earth is protected. Internally, we hold ourselves accountable by being transparent about our sustainability values and goals. View our Annual Impact Report linked below.