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This Conscious Gift Guide is packed w/ thoughtful giftables from brands (& people) that Chunks is proud to support + products that our team can vouch for. 

This Conscious Gift Guide is packed w/ thoughtful giftables from brands (& people) that Chunks is proud to support + products that our team can vouch for. 

This Conscious Gift Guide is packed w/ thoughtful giftables from brands (& people) that Chunks is proud to support + products that our team can vouch for. 



Zoe Schlacter Wiggles and Waves Blanket: $165

All Zoe Schlacter pieces are designed in-house at Zoe’s studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and are ethically produced in India, New Jersey, and New York. Zoe draws inspiration from children’s art, LGBTQ culture, queer craft traditions, and postmodern art and design—namely, the conventions of Op Art and Memphis design. 

Think of your friend that’s always cold, we all have one and we need to be there for them in any way we can.


Pansy Co underwear: $40-52 in sizes xxs-xxxl

We love a transparent brand and Pansy Co is setting the  precedent in that department. To very briefly summarize their process, all of Pansy Co’s garments are sewn in a factory in San Leandro, CA using organic cotton grown in Texas and milled in North Carolina. BUT if you want to learn about the entire life cycle of their underwear (seriously) be sure to check out their production page for all the deets.


Not only can we feel good about supporting a brand like Pansy Co but imagine opening a gift with any of these comfies in it and not wearing them at least twice a week? It’s foolproof.

*Jil (Chunks Wholesale Manager) & Lupe (Chunks Shipping Specialist) love Pansy Co bc not only are they fully compostable, but they're soft & cozy to the point that you forget you're even wearing anything -- and that's saying something bc Lupe only wears a bra when she has to, hehe.


Piera Bochner candles: $62-150

As if these candles don’t speak for themselves, I’ll tell you more. These beauties are hand poured by Brooklyn based artist and designer, Piera Bochner. She meticulously pours and cools each layer of wax to give us this funky fruit inspired candle that is bound to catch anyone’s eye. I’ll warn you now that these sell out quickly, so make sure to place your order early so Piera can get you your candle in time to be wrapped.


Fredricks & Mae cutting board: $32-95


The cutting board; an essential household item. We all have one, we all need one. BUT let’s be honest, most of ours are pretty gross by now. Fredricks & Mae have made upgrading our old cutting boards a little more exciting with these funky chopping blocks made using professional grade plastic scraps leftover from making solid colored cutting boards.

*Tasha (Chunks Social Media Manager) gifted one of these quirky boards to her mom. She can attest it was a great gift idea bc not only did her mom love it, but she instantly wanted to test it out which meant a meal for Tasha. :)


Chunks Nimbus Claw: $20

You may be familiar w/ Chunks by now... hi that's us ;) We're a small Seattle based biz w/ a passion for quirky hair accessories. Our products are designed by Tiffany Ju and proudly manufactured in China using plant based acetate. Once our clips arrive at our Seattle warehouse, our shipping team of five thoughtfully packs every order in biodegradable packaging -- also designed by Tiffany. 

Our Nimbus claw is one of our best sellers so I can confidently say that this gift is bound to please. PLUS we just added two new color-ways in case you have a friend that wants to add to their collection. :P


Basically anything Baggu: $10-84 

Here’s a brand that’s gaining some much deserved recognition these days. Baggu is committed to minimal waste design that is made to last as well as ensuring that every employee, along with the employees of their partners, are rightfully taken care of. 

SO if you want some foolproof gifts, anything Baggu is bound to please. From masks, to reusable bags and storage containers, to towels, hats and airpod cases. There’s something for, quite literally, everyone.

*The whole Chunks team is made of Baggu ppl - Baggu masks and Standard Baggu bags are part of our daily wardrobe. We can assure you that the masks won't leave you with that sore feeling behind your ears, even after an 8 hour work day. 


Neenineen Tobogon Pipe: $70-90

Ninon (aka neen) Choplin is a Paris born designer and ceramist who now lives in LA hand making ceramics in their independent studio. Also have to point out that these checkers are also painted by hand...I'm impressed. Well hanks to Neenineen we now have pipes that double as a display piece. What more can you ask for?? 

It's the gift that just keeps giving.

*Lara (Chunks Shipping Manager) recommends investing in a beautiful pipe bc you'll never feel the need to hide it :P


Corey Moranis lucite jewelry: $75-$150


These stunning pieces of jewelry (art might be a better word) are handcrafted by Corey Moranis in Toronto Canada. Each piece is delicately crafted using heat-bending to curve rods of Lucite into wearable works of art. You’ll find all kinds of Lucite gems from Corey, whether it’s rings, earrings, bracelets or stunning chain necklaces you’re gonna have to see for yourself.

Jewelry is a go to gift for a reason, but let’s spice it up a bit this year shall we?

*Lupe (Chunks Shipping Specialist) loves her Wrap Ring bc it's a chunky statement piece while still being lightweight. It's perfect for those days she doesn't want to wear silver or gold but still wants a little something something on her fingers. 


Krista Marie Young Oven Mitt: $85

Krista Marie Young is a recent graduate of Rhode Island School of Design who is now hand making the most stunning oven mitts you ever did see in Brooklyn, NY. Her designs are influenced by color, play, early childhood education, and nordic design. 

Psssst, she just launched stockings too. I highly recommend adding those to your order.


Yield Designs coffee & tea table toppers: $85

This one’s for the coffee and/or tea lovers that also appreciate a beautiful (and useful :P) object. Yield Designs is an independent Florida based design studio and manufacturer. The designers, Rachel Gant & Andrew Deming, are firm in their belief that beauty, sustainability and ethical production must go hand in hand in order to create anything of true value. They beautifully state that their products are thoughtfully designed to be bought for keeps, or to not be bought at all. 


Verloop knit slippers: $40-58


As a society, we’re becoming increasingly aware of the fashion industry and the insane amount of textile waste that comes with it. Verloop aims to do things differently. Rather than sending their scraps to the landfill, they save every piece to be repurposed into new & unique pieces that will keep you and your loved ones v cozy. 

OH! And be sure to check out their repurposed page for some funky finds made from scraps. :P


Wooj Wavy Lamp: $130-185


Wooj is founded on the simple belief that quality products can be made and sold at a fair price without exploiting labor or having to make things in massive quantities in order to make a profit. Wooj products are made in Brooklyn, partially by hand and partially by robots. They're also made using heat-resistant corn-based plastic along with other ecologically responsible material and finishes. 

These wavy lamps make a great addition to any room in any home. Personally adding this one to my list hehe. 

SIN home objects: $35-130


Virginia Sin and her small team make beautiful clay objects with their two bare hands in Brooklyn, NY. If you want to go the practical route this year, think ceramic toothbrush holder, fruit bowl OR maybe a bookend made with lots of love. Virginia strives to bring warmth to every home she touches. And I can guarantee these will be put to use.  

*Tiffany (Chunks Owner) loves elevating simple things we use everyday but easily overlook -- her SIN toothbrush holder is a prime example of just that. 

Lupe (Chunks Shipping Specialist) cooks a lot so she loves beautifully displaying her weekly fruits and veggies haul in her Prong Fruit Bowl. :)


Mysa Natural Wine Club membership: starts at $85

Mysa is a small female founded operation run by Holly and Nic who work with small wine producers to showcase their stories and to bring us natural + additive free wine selections. Mysa is also v passionate about giving back to environmental causes as well as empowering underrepresented communities which makes me love my wine even more than I already did. 

Ah nothing says you love someone like a bottle of wine..or 3...every month...for 1 to 12 months. :)