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How to Care for Your Chunks

To make sure Chunks last as long as possible, here are some care instructions...

A well manicured hand preventing a stack of three Chunks hair claws from falling with its index finger on a light blue background

Keep away from Moisture

That means keeping your Chunks out of the bathtub, pools and oceans. Prolonged moisture can cause rust and weakening of all metal parts. If your Chunks get wet, make sure to fully dry your clip, especially the metal hardware and springs. Wipe, air dry or blow dry using a cool to medium heat setting.

A Chunks hair claw sitting on top of an orange slice with a yellow background

Keep away from Heat

Avoid leaving your Chunks in a hot car or laying out in intense sunlight. This can lead to discoloration, warping and weakening of the material. As a rule of thumb, if it is too hot for your phone, it is too hot for your Chunks!

A blue Chunks hair claw looking at its reflection in a circular yellow mirror on a light yellow background

Check your Hardware

If your Chunks claw is your every day go-to, check your spring once in a while. Make sure the pin is secured all the way through the casing and spring. If you see the pin is coming out, push the pinhead back through the casing, completely.

A hand holding a Chunks hair claw on a green background

Handle with Care

While we may demonstrate how durable our products are on social media, please be gentle with your Chunks :)

Did your Chunks break?

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